When Making Health Care Decisions, Your Voice Matters

Sharing your values and preferences helps doctors provide the best care, an ob-gyn explains.

By Dr. Catherine Witkop

My patient “Valerie” comes to me with a decision: which birth control to use. As her ob-gyn, it’s my job to help her choose the correct method.

I know many things about Valerie: her age, height, weight, medical history, etc. From our many conversations over the years, I also know she and her husband want to start a family but aren’t quite ready yet. Valerie travels for work and trains for triathlons in her free time.

When a doctor helps you decide, personal details like these are just as relevant as your medical history, if not more so. So we consider your values and preferences along with the benefits and risks of the options in front of you.

Two-Way Conversation

It’s easy to understand the ob-gyn’s role in the doctor-patient relationship. Your ob-gyn comes to the table with deep knowledge of women’s health care and the science behind medical recommendations. They also draw on their experience with treating past patients.

You Have a Voice

You have an entire life outside of the doctor’s office. Naturally, your healthcare team wants to know about that life and where you’re coming from. So when we partner to make decisions, we provide the best care possible.

At Celebration Obstetrics & Gynecology, we want to be your partner in making the best healthcare decisions possible. To schedule an appointment, give us a call at 877-800-0239.

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