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Dear Celebration Health & Wellness Contributors and Followers,

I am writing this statement letter to address a recent mistake and outline the steps being taken to rectify the situation and prevent similar errors in the future.

A printing error occurred with our printing company, where they re-printed the December issue of Celebration Health & Wellness Magazine instead of the January Edition. This issue is currently being resolved, and the January issue is being printed and will be delivered as soon as possible. Plead read the statement below from Jim Caughorn, the President of Graphic Creations, Inc.

To all Celebration Health & Wellness Magazine Staff, Advertisers, and avid Readers:

I am Jim Caughorn, the President of Graphic Creations, Inc. For the last two years, we have been responsible for printing the monthly Celebration Health & Wellness Magazine Publication. This magazine is more than a client to me; it is a community I used to live in until I moved away in 2009 to pursue an entrepreneurial career by purchasing a family business in Knoxville, Tennessee. I have family deeply rooted in the Celebration Community, mainly my sister Kelly McCarthy, one of the owners of Celebration Health & Wellness Magazine.

In the 14 years of owning and growing my business, we have certainly made many mistakes along the way and had jobs that we have had to redo because of an error on our part. All mistakes are painful because you did not meet the expectations of your client, it is usually costly, and it tends to put a dent in your reputation. The upside is that you have an opportunity to learn and grow from those mistakes and hopefully mitigate that same mistake happening again.

Until now, I don’t remember a mistake being so painful and embarrassing. This January, we inadvertently printed the December issue of Celebration Health & Wellness Magazine two times versus printing the January 2024 issue. I am baffled how we could possibly make this mistake because our client, Celebration Health & Wellness Magazine approved the correct proof for us to print. That triggers our next step in production for that file to be prepped for press and go to production. Regardless of how, it happened, and we have will figure that out. It has never happened to Graphic Creations before, and I am mortified it happen to a client that means so much to me and a community that I absolutely cherish.

I hope you will accept our sincere apology and we are expeditiously working to get the correct issue printed and into your hands in short order. We will print on Monday, January 8th get to finishing on Tuesday and prepped for mailing on Wednesday. I expect it to hit your mailboxes and offices early the following week. I have committed to do whatever I need to for advertisers to make this right. I want all of you in the community to realize this is in no way the fault of Celebration Health & Wellness Magazine. They are an incredible asset in the community and we are committed to be better as a partner and make sure this never happens again.

If you have any questions, you can call email me jim@graphiccreations.com and I will reach out directly to set-up a call to address any of your concerns or comments.

Jim Caughorn

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